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Administrative Center of Saint Pierre

Winner of a public competition, the Administrative Center of Saint Pierre (Reunion Island) project will house the future Town Hall of the Reunion City, the offices of the Local Police, a panoramic restaurant and two floors of public/private parking.

Close to both the Indian Ocean and the historic Colonial Town Hall of Saint Pierre, the proposed building is the result of the combination of climatic, urban, and programmatic factors.

The proposed complex is distributed in three strategically connected volumes. Each volume has a double bay and the lower part is arranged around an open patio, with the aim of capturing the prevailing winds to use natural ventilation. The complex offers a more fragmented and open façade facing the ocean, the origin of air currents. On the other hand, on its opposite façade, the building is more institutionalized, becoming the new backdrop for the botanical garden in front of the existing town hall. The façade welcomes the native vegetation on its terraces and at the same time responds to bioclimatic premises, with a double cladding of mobile slats that guarantee optimal shading from the sun.

The commission covers all the disciplines involved in the urban development project and landscaping of the plot, in addition to the disciplines associated with the construction of the new building. IDOM will be responsible for the project from conception to site supervision.

Architecture : Corporate : Design :

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The proposed building is the result of the combination of climatic, urban, and programmatic factors.

Saint Pierre City Council

Gohar Manrique ( gohar.manrique@idom.com )
Gohar Manrique San Pedro ( gohar.manrique@idom.com )
Iñaki Garai ( igz@idom.com )
Iñaki Garai Zabala ( igz@idom.com )
Inés López Taberna ( ilopezta@idom.com )

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