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Adequacy of Potxos and Vaguada riverbeds


IDOM developed the flooding resistance study of Potxos ravine and its influence in Ascó Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in 2011 and the study of the collectors of 110 kVA park in Vaguada, tributary of Potxos, in 2012. From these studies, it was concluded that ARMCO existing draining collectors within Ascó NPP did not have enough hydraulic capacity to drain the flow corresponding to the Maximum probable flow of Potxos riverbed. Therefore, the change of the flow to Ebro river was projected in order to mitigate the flooding risk of the NPP. The realization of a geological study was necessary for the execution of the works. IDOM studied the geotechnical properties of the subsoil materials, the stability of slopes and the digging materials. Likewise, IDOM carried out the Construction Project so as to drift the flow of Potxos and Vaguada riverbeds enhancing the already existing channels. The new channel has 1.1 km length featuring variable section.

Operation & Maintenance :

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Asociación Nuclear Ascó-Vandellós (ANAV)

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