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Geotechnical Study for the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) at Ascó NPP


ANAV, The Nuclear Power Association of Ascó-Vandellós in cooperation with the National Radioactive Waste Enterprise (ENRESA), undertook a project for the construction of an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) at Ascó Nuclear Power Plant. Due to lack of space in the reactor spent fuel pools, the two reactors could become unserviceable. A geotechnical study has been performed in accordance with U.S. legislation on Nuclear Plants and the recommendations made by the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN).

The geotechnical study includes the following:

  • Geological mapping of the surface around Ascó NPP, with a scale of 1:500
  • Surface geophysical study, using the Geo-Radar and the EM-61 system, to locate buried services.
  • Test pits were performed to estimate the geometry and the thickness of anthropic fills.
  • 6 boreholes with a depth of 60 m each.
  • In situ tests inside of the boreholes, such as, presiometers, Luegon surveys, and Cross-Hole.
  • Interior check of boreholes using geophysical probes, such as, caliper, Gamma, formation resistivity, borehole-wall imaging and deviation
  • Laboratory tests of the borehole samples, to determine rock and soil mechanics.

Due to problems associated with soil expansive properties around the Nuclear Power Plant, it was determined that a special soil volume expansion test conducted by the Polytechnic University of Barcelona, using the most cutting edge techniques, had to be performed.


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Asociación Nuclear Ascó-Vandellós (ANAV)

Site Evaluation

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