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OJSC Naftan Refinery Naftan
Recovery of gases from the coker unit


Founded in 1956, the OJSC NAFTAN located in Novolopotsk (Belarus), with annual production close to 12 million tons, is one of the largest in Europe. Naftan has developed numerous projects to increase the generation of petroleum products by 1.6 million tons/year, modernize, and improve the efficiency of the facility.

The homologation of the IDOM Oil & Gas division in Belarus is important for the firm’s work in Eastern Europe

IDOM is actively participating in this modernization, working closely with Duro Felguera, EPC constructor of a “Delayed Coker Unit“ (DCU), which will improve refining (up to 92%). The scope of the services provided include:

  1. Development of basic and detailed engineering of the gas recovery unit associated with the “Delayed Coker”, which will allow the gas generated during the coke production process to be used as fuel in the refinery (thermal cracking). Around 13,000 tons of gases will be recovered annually.
  2. Procurement management and supervision of suppliers, to ensure the correct fulfillment of the criteria and output established during the design phase.
  3. Technical assistance during the assembly on site, with the continuous presence of IDOM professionals, monitoring and control.

It is expected that IDOM will continue participating in the near future, with a multidisciplinary group of professionals to assist in the assembly of the work itself.

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Duro Felguera

Basic and Detailed Engineering
Procurement Management
Technical Assistance - Works

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