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Pau Gasol Sports Center


The design deals with the refurbishment and enlargement of the old Sports Centre of Sant Boi at Llobregat.

Floor occupancy is minimized and the ground floor program is released to allow visuals to the garden

Starting from the preexistence of a football field and to outdoor pools, the new brief contains pools and dressing rooms, a new sports centre, and a football field. A unitary green roof solves the cover of the whole program. The need of different heights is solved by excaving the sports centre avoiding the buildings fragmentation.

There are two main objectives: minimize floor occupancy and free up the ground  floor of the program to allow views of the existing garden and avoid that the difference in headroom between the pool (4 m) and sports hall (8m) generates two annexed volumes.

The circulation of users and spectators is resolved inside the box-girders that support the landscaped roof. These girders, in turn, distribute the electrical and climate installations, and house the solar collectors of vacuum tubes with which the pool water is heated.

Four large pieces of polycarbonate (14×17 meters) structure the circulations in a transverse direction to the girders and allow the changing rooms of the sports center to be illuminated. Each use corresponds to a material: polycarbonate in the pools, glass in the central courtyard and galvanized steel sheets in the sports center.


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Ajuntament de Sant Boi de Llob

- 2007 -
Finalist - VII Architecture Biennial of Sao Paulo

Construction Management
Architecture & Engineering Design

José Antonio Fernández Usón

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