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Port Community System in Port of San Antonio


IDOM carried out a study to design the Port Community System (PCS) of San Antonio and the technological components necessary to determine and achieve the implementation of an electronic platform.

The SEP (Sistema de Empresas Públicas) together with the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, want to use this electronic platform to organize and optimize communications between multiple actors, integrating logistics processes of the port system.

Integrated, standardized, detachable, interoperable and scalable PCS

In addition, this study included a component named Base Module, including technical and non-functional specifications that consider the integrations and interoperability standards required for the different actors of the port logistics chain at a National level.

The objective, therefore, has been to design an integrated, standardized, decoupled and scalable PCS system that allows processing, recording, sending and receiving the data that has been generated in processes of the port logistics chain to the actors directly or indirectly involved in it.

For the development of the Study the following tasks have been carried out:

  • Diagnosis of the current situation of the operational and documentary processes in San Antonio, initial proposal of Value-Added Services
  • Definition of Value-Added Services and Functional Design of the PCS San Antonio and Auxiliary Services to offer in the new PCS with its use cases.
  • Technological design of the Base Module interoperable with SICEX, Integrated System of Foreign Trade.
  • PCS design standards
  • Integration requirements.
  • Analysis of the possibilities of the Governance and PCS Business Model
  • Definition of the PCS Financing Strategy
  • PCS Implementation Strategy
  • Roadmap
  • Planning and Analysis of the cost of design implementation

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Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications
Port Authority of San Antonio
SEP (Sistema de Empresas Públicas)

Diagnosis of the current situation (“As-Is”)
Integration requirements
PCS Financing and Implementation Strategy
PCS Governance and PCS Business Model
Technological design and PCS design standards
Value-Added Services definition and PCS functional design