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The new Camp Nou


In the Trinomial IDOM-BIG-BAAS, whose proposal has been one of the finalists in the competition organised by the Barca for the reform of the Camp Nou, IDOM is the core of the team. IDOM not only brings a broad expertise in Sports Architecture, but also a recognized and demonstrated aptitude to merge highest architectural objectives with sustainable and reliable technical solutions.

Finalist proposal in the contest convened by Barça

BIG incorporates to the team their distinctive approach. Thanks to their involvement in projects all around the world and to their unique analysis, BIG contributes by developing a pragmatic but utopic view of how the future stadium of FCB should be like.

BAAS is the Catalan part of the Team. They bring to the team extensive understanding of FCB and its circumstance and, more importantly, an architectural vision cultivated in Barcelona that consists mainly on sophistication, tradition and materiality.

The new Camp Nou is first and foremost a place for supporters and players to congregate in celebration of the sport. It is conceived as the respectful completion of Francesc Mitjans-Miró’s architecture, originally built in 1957. Rather than starting from scratch or covering the old surfaces of the historical stadium, we propose to lay bare the bones of the heritage stadium in an honest encounter with the new architecture – within and without.

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The new Camp Nou will be a palace for the people, composed of functional elements and everyday materials selected from the material palette of traditional and contemporary Catalan architecture, where we unify the Blaugrana identity into the bones of the building through inherent attributes.

The new stadium has to be strongly integrated with the 4 major surrounding elements: the new Campus Espai Barça, Les Corts new district, the UPC University and the Maternitat Gardens. A highly ambitious urban renewal effort, the new Camp Nou will be “a good fellow citizen” of les Corts with the highest ambition to become a great and lively neighborhood 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Camp Nou will not only be home to FC Barcelona’s new stadium – it will be all of Barcelona’s new neighborhood.

Partners in Charge: César Azcárate (IDOM), Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen (BIG), Jordi Badía (BAAS)
Project Leaders: Diego Rodríguez (IDOM), Agustín Pérez Torres (BIG), Alex Clará (BAAS)
Team: Oscar Malo, Javier Dávila, Pilar Mateo, Javier Ruiz, Álvaro Gutiérrez, Carlos Castañón, Guillermo Avanzini, Ziortza Alonso, Felipe Gaona, (IDOM); Alan Tansey, Charles Kim, Cristian Lera, Gabriel Hernandez Solano, Juan David Ramirez, Justyna Mydlak, Lorenz Kasai, Lucas Hong, Magdelis Santos, Maria Sole Bravo, Melissa Bauld, Phillip MacDougall, Sanam Salek, Sergi Sauras i Collado, Terrence Chew (BIG); Xavier Gracia, Alba Azura, Jero Gutiérrez, Andreu Egido (BAAS).
Colaborators: Bloom Images, Squint Opera, Radii Inc, Jornet Llop Pastor, AB Paisatgistes, Clase BCN, EMPTY, Lavola, Rovira Beleta, Foodesco, Momentum.


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Fútbol Club Barcelona


César Azcárate ( caa@idom.com )

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