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IDOM accompanies the nuclear ecosystem stakeholders to successfully overcome the challenges of embarking on a nuclear program.

IDOM NS provides tailor-made designed strategic, technical and financial advisory services in a wide range of nuclear business sectors such as Technologies, Economics, Safety, Regulations and Organizational Structures to the stakeholders that are involved, from different perspectives, in the development of the country’s nuclear programme.

We are specialized in providing support to Government Entities in decision making process at any stage of the nuclear programme, defining the country strategy roadmap, territory planning and logistics & electrical grid infrastructure, as well as stakeholder’s involvement and public acceptance.

On the other hand, Regulatory Authorities rely on IDOM’s support for the development of safety requirements and safety guides, as well as to strengthen their capabilities and design their organizational structure.

Technical and economic feasibility studies, independent technology solutions assessment (optioneering), site selection, environmental assessments, asset management and digital transformation are the advisory services that assist Owners/Operators in the development of new or optimization of the operation of the existing infrastructure in the country. Local suppliers see value in the support provided by IDOM NS in defining their market business plans and business value chain assessments.

Center for Research and Development in Nuclear Technology (CIDTN)

Strategic Consultancy Services for the revision of technology adequacy for a Research Reactor and Cyclotron Complex....

SINOP Nuclear Power Plant

Technical Advisory Services to Develop Nuclear Engineering Skills for a NPP Operator....

Nuclear Programme

Safe implementation of a Nuclear Power Program Strategic Evaluation and Consultancy on Nuclear Technologies Model and cost estimation for a Nuclear Power Plant...