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  • October 9, 2019

    Changing the mindset: Vocational Training for Industry 4.0

    “The challenges of Vocational Training for Industry 4.0”. This was the slogan of the XVII Professional Training Day, held in September in Terrassa (Spain). This year’s session was focused on the fourth industrial revolution and the purpose was to discuss the changes that are taking place ...

    June 25, 2019

    Vitoria-Gasteiz, more city, a greener city!

    The city of Vitoria-Gasteiz is preparing itself to receive high-speed rail in the best possible way: using the land that has been freed up by sinking of the railway to extend the city public space and make it greener. The decision brings with it a challenge of improving the quality of life of the ...

    June 13, 2019

    Gulf of Fonseca, Territory of peace and sustainable development

    The Presidents of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega Saavedra; Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado; and El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén (at the date of the meeting), jointly agreed on the launch of the Master Plan for the Gulf of Fonseca for the implementation of trinational investment and ...

    May 13, 2019

    IDOM is now a recognized provider of SAP Recognized Expertise

    IDOM has been certified as a provider of SAP Recognized Expertise in Product lifecycle management and Industrial machinery and components, specifically for the SAP projects we have implemented and the extensive knowledge of the inhouse team. Our company has the status of SAP Gold Partner and is ...

    April 23, 2019

    Public procurement of Innovation: Driving force for R+D+I

    At the end of March, the Cabildo (Town Council) of Tenerife held the third edition of Tenerife Smart Island, an event designed to encourage the development and use of new technologies. This year the congress focused on two central themes: smart buildings, looking at the innovative trends in the ...

    March 11, 2019

    Chihuahua has entrusted IDOM with the creation of its strategic vision

    The city of Chihuahua and its metropolitan area are experiencing a key moment in its history, the result of an industrial and economic development by a group of entrepreneurs over many decades. Their vision was a region based on manufacturing. Thanks to this industrial nature with a vocation to ...

    March 1, 2019

    Celebrating equality in science

    On February 11, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, our colleague Silvia Balmaseda, a Project Manager at IDOM, was invited by the University of Deusto (UD) to participate in a round table on the role of the woman engineer as a manager. This event was part of the "Gathering of Deusto ...

    December 20, 2018

    Gulf of Fonseca, a strategic commitment

    "Zone of Peace, Sustainable Development and Security" was the guiding principle of the Declaration of Managua, signed in 2007 by the presidents of El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua to convert the Gulf of Fonseca into a prosperous region. Since then, the three governments have enhanced this ...



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