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    77 MW Cogeneration Plant Aconcagua (Chile) in Single Cycle Gas Turbine configuration and a steam production of 125 t/h


    SERVICES: Basic and Detail Engineering

    YEAR: 2015-in process

    COUNTRY: Chile

    A new cogeneration plant will be erected next to the ENAP Refinery in Concón (Chile). The nominal power of the plant is 77 MW with a capacity of providing 125 t/h of superheated steam at 43 bar.
    The power island is based on a single General Electric GE 6FA gas turbine, coupled with an ASME-I HRSG supplied by Nooter-Eriksen
    Refinery will use the steam production as heating media, replacing the current gas refinery boilers, which will be left as a backup system.
    Power production will be exported to the national power grid, with the ability to sustain 100% refinery operation in case of catastrophic grid blackout.


    Electric Power

    Electric Power