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  • CSP Plants with thermal storage system in China / 中国光热发电站和储热系统

    CLIENT: Multiple / 客户: 多个客户端

    SERVICES: Basic and Detailed Engineering / 服务: 基础和详细工程

    YEAR: 2015-On going / 年份:2015-至今

    COUNTRY: China / 国家:中国

    IDOM is collaborating in important CSP Projects in China, among which outstand the services provided in the following plants:

  • Huanghe Qinghai Delingha with a capacity of 135 MW (BrightSource + Shanghai Electric), central tower-type. The conceptual design of the thermal storage system has been carried out by IDOM, in collaboration and commissioned by BrightSource Energy.
  • Delingha with a capacity of 50 MW (General Nuclear Power Corporation – CGN), using mainly parabolic trough technology. Samway (Shandon Sunway Petrochemical Engineering) contracted IDOM for the basic and detailed engineering for the thermal storage system. And,
  • Dunhuang with a capacity of 12 MW (Lanzhou Dacheng Technology Company), using Fresnel linear solar concentration technology. NWEPDI (NorthWest Electric Power Design Institute) contracted IDOM’s services to develop the basic engineering for the design of the molten salt system, including the solar field collectors, the thermal energy storage system, and the steam generation system.
  • IDOM is actually taking part in the engineering design for some other plants in China, such as Gansu Akesai (parabolic trough – 50 MW), Gansu Yumen (parabolic trough – 50 MW) and Gonghe Tower CSP (central tower – 50 MW).

    IDOM 是与中国光热发电项目的一个重要合作伙伴。IDOM参与的工程服务包括以下列表:

  • 黄河青海德令哈135 兆瓦的塔式光热发电项目(BrightSource+上海电气)。 在BrightSource Energy的委托和合作下,IDOM已在负责进行储热系统的概念设计。
  • 中广核德令哈50兆瓦槽式光热发电项目。由山东三维石化工程有限公司聘请IDOM参与储热系统的基础和详细工程设计。
  • 兰州大成敦煌12兆瓦线性菲涅尔式太阳能光热发电项目。由西北电力设计院聘请IDOM参与完成熔盐系统的基础工程发展,包括集热管、热能储存系统和蒸汽发生系统。
  • 目前,IDOM 正在负责中国其它一些工程设计项目, 例如甘肃阿克塞(槽式光热发电站-50兆瓦),甘肃玉门 (槽式光热发电站-50 兆瓦)和 共和(塔式光热发电站-50兆瓦)。




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