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    “Mar de Vigo” Auditorium and Convention Center

    CLIENT: Council of Vigo

    SERVICES: Preparation of entire Project, architeture and engineering

    YEAR: 2011

    COUNTRY: Spain

    The Auditorium and Convention Centre rises like emblematic and monumental architecture, a true expression of its contents, capable at the same time of highlighting the urban fringe and of gaining the coastal line, bringing the City and the Estuary together with its presence, making the popular wish of “opening Vigo up to the sea” a reality.

    The auditorium of Vigo was conceived as a building of many complementary uses. Over a common basement car park, two buildings stand together. The larger one houses the auditorium and the convention center. The base fosters a commercial area and the offices’ rest above the access plaza. The second volume is for hotel purposes.
    The auditorium is arranged around the main room with capacity for 1,425 spectators. The design of this room allows for clear views of the stage from any point. The stage ensemble was designed to allow for its flexible use. The building also has a multipurpose room with capacity for 500 people, different congress rooms and dining and catering areas. The roof was thought of as a grand terrace overlooking the neighboring estuary, complementing the uses foreseen for the building. The authorship of the architectural project corresponds to architect Cesar Portela.

    Architecture - ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN