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    EPCM – Steelworks for Aceros Arequipa in Pisco, Peru

    CLIENT: Corporación Aceros Arequipa


    YEAR: 2018-Ongoing

    COUNTRY: Peru

    It is expected that the new steel mill with an electric arc furnace at the existing facilities of Aceros Arequipa in Pisco (Peru), with a budget of US$ 180, will be completed and commissioned by mid-2020.

    Output will reach an annual production of 1.25 million tons/year of liquid steel from raw material in scrap format; an increase of 50% compared to the current production capacity of the existing steelworks. This expansion and modernization project will also augment the range of products manufactured in this production center.

    The project design includes next generation technology by the SMS Group, as well as auxiliary equipment and infrastructure that will guarantee state-of-the-art production output and quality. Likewise, the design of the plant will provide efficient and sustainable solutions while optimizing the consumption of resources such as water.

    Aceros Arequipa has entrusted IDOM with the provision of EPCM services to carry out its construction project for the new steel mill, from the conception phase to the start-up. IDOM has assembled a multidisciplinary team of professionals; one group are working from our offices and a second group are based at the client’s facilities. The scope of the contract includes the professional services of Engineering, Procurement, Project Management, and Construction Management.


    Aceros Arequipa video – Production Process 2011 (in Spanish)


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