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    IDOM has gathered an extensive experience in PV technology in the last years of more than 500 MW providing engineering services of different scopes. IDOM has carried out several works related with design and technical assessment for both, private and public investors and financial companies. A comprehensive range of engineering scopes have been successfully completed including first stages of feasibility studies, basic engineering for permitting and bid preparation, and also detail electrical and civil engineering, energy yield calculations, due diligences, owner’s engineering and technical assessments for large variety of clients including developers, EPC companies, banks and financial companies, utilities and others.

    IDOM experience in PV grew up at the same pace of Spanish PV market with a large number of references during the first years and up to 2008. Afterwards, and following internationalization policy of the company, IDOM’s PV references have successfully followed in other active PV markets like US, UK, Middle East and LATAM.


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    Susana Martínez Escriche

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