• IDOM

  • Radioactive Sludge Treatment Plant at Santa María de Garoña NPP


    SERVICES: EPCC Contract

    YEAR: 2006-2007

    COUNTRY: Spain

    Santa María de Garoña Nuclear Power Plant owns a sludge extraction facility which is stored for processing purposes in a portable installation that is located in the Auxiliary Waste Processing Building (Edificio Auxiliar de Procesados, EAP). In this regard, it was necessary to carry out certain modifications to radioactive waste and in the EAP itself. The portable installation was completed by RWE-NUKEM that provided the necessary equipment for sludge removal and treatment. IDOM carried out the detailed design, manufacturing, supply as well as works management of the fixed installation between the radioactive waste building and the EAP, for the transfer of the radioactive sludge into the tanks which then are treated in a Sludge Treatment Plant provided by NUKEM.


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