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    Sports Complex in Algiers

    CLIENT: Direction des Équipements Publics. Wilaya de Alger

    SERVICES: Competition

    YEAR: 2015

    COUNTRY: Alger

    The competition calls for the urban regeneration of an extensive area on the seafront of the Bay of Algiers with the construction of a Sports Hall and Olympic Swimming pools. The bay of Algiers is also known as the “pearl necklace”. Inspired by this metaphor, the conceptual idea comes from an open bivalve shell. The convex valve is the Sports Hall, with capacity for 15,000 spectators, with small leisure and training sport courts surrounding it. The concave valve is the Olympic Swimming pool, with capacity for 5,000 spectators. Both elements are linked and connected by a platform that articulates them and which includes the added services such as cafeterias, shopping and leisure areas, several entrances and a car park for up to 2,500 vehicles. Both sport facilities are appropriate for Olympic or world championships.

    Architecture - ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN