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    PMC Bellara – Integrated steel complex for Algerian Qatari Steel in Algeria


    SERVICES: PMC, BoP Engineering & Civil Design

    YEAR: 2014-2019

    COUNTRY: Algeria

    At the end of 2013, Algeria and Qatar signed a collaboration agreement for the construction of the Bellara steel complex in the Jijel region (Algeria), with an approximate area of 216 hectares. The management and ownership of the complex are in the hands of Algerian Qatari Steel (AQS).

    Designed to produce 2 Mt/year of steel bar and wire rod, the main facilities of the complex are 3 rolling mills, 2 steel mills, a direct sponge iron reduction plant of 2.5 Mt/year and all the auxiliary plants required in an integrated facility such as the lime plant, the air separation unit, the loading/unloading facilities at the Djendjen port, the material handling area, the water treatment installation, and the main substation.

    The three rolling mills started in 2017 and 2018. The first of the two steel mills commenced operations in November 2019, and the second in April 2020.

    IDOM has been present as PMC (Project Management Consultant) since the beginning of the project and has participated in all its phases providing design management services, assistance during the procurement phase, construction management, construction supervision, cost and time management, and coordination during all the phases. IDOM has been the PMC during construction with two technical teams in the IDOM offices and on-site, in total over 80 people. In addition to the work management and control of the suppliers, the scope of the services included the integrating engineering (designer for the balance of plant) of the plant, that is, the design for the integration of the different main packages in which the works have been divided, as well as the civil design for the DRI plant, the lime plant, and the air separation unit.


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