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  • CSP – Central Tower Technology & Thermal Storage in China / 在中国的光热发电厂-中央塔式技术和储热

    CLIENT: Various / 多个客户

    SERVICES: Basic Engineering / 初设

    YEAR: 2016-2017

    COUNTRY: China / 中国

    IDOM is collaborating in several important CSP plant projects in China. Two of these projects, where we provided design services, are in the Qinghai province. Both facilities use central tower technology, and have thermal energy storage systems based on molten salts:

    • Qinghai Delingha Tower (135 MW) is being developed by JV BrightSource and Shanghai Electric. Appointed by JV BrightSource, the company responsible for the technology used in the facility to capture and receive solar energy, IDOM is carrying out the basic engineering of the thermal storage system. This action is part of the first of six phases, following which the plant with reach a production capacity of 810 MW.
    • Engaged by the developer of the Gonghe plant (50 MW), North West Engineering Corporation, IDOM is carrying out the basic engineering of the thermal storage system.

    Photo: Susana Martínez, the Renewables Director, JunYi Gao and Sergio González (Team Members)


    • 青海德令哈135兆瓦塔式光热发电厂是由亮源和上海电气联合开发。亮源公司负责该电厂用于捕获和接收太阳能的技术,它任命IDOM去完成储热系统的初设。这一行动是六个阶段中的第一阶段的一部分,随后该电厂的产能会达到810兆瓦。
    • 西北勘测设计研究院是共和50兆瓦项目的开发商,IDOM正在负责储热系统的初设。


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