• IDOM



    SERVICES: Technical assistance work

    YEAR: 2009-2013

    COUNTRY: Spain

    The airport of Gran Canaria, considered the 5th largest in Spain, handles 10.3 million passengers, 37.6 million kg of freight and 114,355 operations each year.

    Included in the actions of the airport Master Plan, are the extension works to develop the infrastructure for the provision of increased capacity; the improvement of security and the quality of services; the optimization of management, operating conditions, replacement investments, etc.

    The work involved extending the terminal building in three directions: To the North, occupying an area of approximately 14,600 m2, to accommodate the extension of the pre-existing building, and a new aircraft stand with several jetways. To the West, occupying an area of 6,700 m2, to accommodate the extension of the check-in area, and two new elevated roads. To the South, occupying an area of 5,200 m2, accommodating the extension of the building. The work, designed by the joint venture Lamela-Paymacotas-GOC, was carried out without interrupting the operations of the airport.

    For the Construction Management, Technical Assistance, Control and Supervision of this ambitious and complex work, AENA called on IDOM, as part of the joint venture ATCV NUEVO EDIFICIO TERMINAL GANDO. The joint venture entity has been managed by IDOM.



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