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    IDOM´s experience in the nuclear sector has its origins in the early nuclear generation projects in Spain in the late 70s and 80s, participating in the construction of Ascó, Vandellós and Almaraz nuclear power plants and our relationship with these and other projects has continued throughout the life of these facilities. Our participation in the Energhia consortium, providing engineering services to Fusion for Energy (F4E) and the ITER organisation in the ITER fusion research project marks a milestone in the development of the nuclear services provided by IDOM Nuclear Services (NS).

    Working on these projects has enabled us to acquire technical abilities and extensive experience in the fields of civil and structural engineering, seismic, mechanical and advanced analytics, electricity and instrumentation and industrial architecture.

    IDOM´s technical capabilities empower us to participate in all the activities performed throughout the lifecycle of a nuclear facility, with participation from as early as site evaluation of new build sites up to the decommissioning of existing facilities. IDOM can offer nuclear sector-oriented professional services working both integrated with the client’s team on site and externally from the various IDOM offices applying our full spectrum of resources and capabilities of our technical areas.

    Our past performance allow us to offer the engineering development of the following featured products to our clients, among others:
    • Emergency Control Room.
    • Alternative Emergency Management Centre.
    • Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI).
    • Steam Generator Substitution.
    • Filtered Containment Venting System.
    • Plant Life Management and Plant Life Extension.
    • Operation and Maintenance Engineering Support.
    • Plant Modernizations.
    • Turnkey Projects.


    Xabier Ruiz Morín


    Xabier Ruiz Morín

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