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    112 emergencies building

    CLIENT: Government of Catalonia

    SERVICES: Architecture and engineering projects, Site supervision

    YEAR: 2010

    COUNTRY: Spain

    The 112 Building in Reus is the model for the new emergencies management and service system in Catalonia, and the first public facility in the country to have a LEED certificate. It is a new functional typology where all bodies in charge of managing emergencies are gathered. The complex is set within the Camp of Tarragona landscape, which has a strong industrial and leisure character. Fitting it in the plot, elongated and with a steep slope, was carried out following safety criteria and staggering the main functional elements: the heliport, the car park, the base and the operative box – telecommunications tower. The different levels of security to be found in the building and the different flow paths of people are reflected on the functional distribution. Horizontally, there are three levels: logistics, public and operative. Vertical communication is limited to four cores: the telecommunications/guests one, the authorities’ one, the maintenance one and the main employee entrance one.


    • 2011 - Catalunya construction Awards Finalist
    • 2011 - GBC Challenge Helsinki 2011 /
    • 2011 - Shortlisted in IX Sao Paulo International Architecture Biennale

    Architecture - ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN