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    49 Dwellings and nursery in Bermondsey

    CLIENT: Blueprint Homes LTD

    SERVICES: Design competition, Architecture projects, Site supervision

    YEAR: 2008

    COUNTRY: England

    The main purpose of the project is to maintain a visual and physical connection between St. James’s Road and the church gardens, opening up new pedestrian links between the central area of Bermondsey Spa and the nearby underground station. In order to achieve this, the building is split in two, creating an intermediate void that becomes the main protagonist of the proposal.The set includes various types of dwelling, ranging from studios to three bedroom apartments. 25% of the flats are subsidized housing. Plus, there is a nursery included that will replace the existing one.The relationship with the surroundings is a key element of the project. The use of timber and copper on the façades and the extensive use of vegetation as well as the generous balconies reinforce the idea of the interior-exterior connection of the houses.

    Architecture - ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN