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    Extension of Universities in Senegal

    CLIENT: Ministère de l’Urbanisme de l’Habitat de Sénégal

    SERVICES: Integrated management of project and construction,Architecture and engineering projects, Construction management, Urban development project

    YEAR: Ongoing

    COUNTRY: Senegal

    The Government of Senegal, financially assisted by the World Bank, has started an ambitious plan for the exten-sion and improvement of several universities in the country. In the University of Alioune Diop, in Bambey, to the West of the country, 4 new buildings are planned which will house the Training and Research Unit, which in turn will include lecture rooms, a lecture hall for 500 students, laboratories, computer rooms and offices.In the University of Gaston Berger, in Saint Louis, to the North of the country, the proposal is of 3 buildings to house a roofed gym with stands for up to 300 people, a swimming pool, a laboratory, a documentation centre, lecture rooms and offices.The design of the buildings was conditioned by the hot and humid climate of the region and by the intensive use and high occupancy of the lecture rooms. The elevation is dealt with by a double breathable building envelope with vents on the façade and the roof and circulation is protected as much as possible from sunlight. Low maintenance and minimum energy consumption areas are designed, complemented by a phytosanitary water treat-ment system that uses stabilization ponds and rainwater infiltration basins.

    Architecture - ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN