• IDOM

  • Hydroelectric potential of the Coco & Matagalpa river basins

    CLIENT: PNESER. Ministry for Energy and Mining

    SERVICES: Initial studies for the evaluation of hydroelectric potential, Pre-Feasibility Studies, Feasibility Study and Final Designs

    YEAR: 2013 - Ongoing

    COUNTRY: Nicaragua

    With the help of different international organizations, the Government of Nicaragua is developing an ambitious plan to develop renewable energies, among which hydroelectric power stands out. In the country there are basins with high hydroelectric potential, with the capacity to generate reliable and high quality electric power.

    IDOM is carrying out the analysis of two of the basins with greater capacity: the Coco River and the Grande de Matagalpa River. IDOM has been present in all the phases: from the pre-selection of sites for the location of the hydroelectric plants, the economic-financial analysis and the socio-environmental assessment of the uses, until the final phase, feasibility study and final designs.

    Hydroelectric energy will transform the country’s energy matrix, boosting the entry of renewable energies.


    Water Director

    Javier Fernández

    Infrastructure Managing Director

    Juan Ramón López Laborda

    Hydropower plants Director

    Faustino Guillén Minguito

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