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    Jesus Galindez Slope State

    CLIENT: Bilbao City Council

    SERVICES: Architecture and engineering projects, Site supervision

    YEAR: 2009

    COUNTRY: Spain

    The project was framed by a series of steps taken by the Bilbao City Council in the peripheral districts of the city. In this case, it involved integrating a slope, which had posed as a barrier, into the city and generating around it pleasant areas. Before the intervention, the place was a barren, useless 18 m rocky slope, trapped by the city over-spill. It was modelled using inclined planes of different materials that show its strange topographical physical character to the city. Also, connecting elements were created between the upper and lower levels, to do away with its barrier status, generating areas for socializing, child play and crossing points. Geometry has become the working rule for dealing with spaces. This intervention turned the rock slope, which represented a barrier within the city, into an element of connection, for socializing, useful and due to its scale, into a landscape intervention that qualifies the surrounding urban space.

    Architecture - ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN