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  • 1,792 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (Power Station-PS5) in Bahrain


    SERVICES: Basic and Detailed engineering, Procurement management, Follow-up of suppliers and On-site technical assistance

    YEAR: 2016-En curso

    COUNTRY: Bahrain

    Aluminium Bahrein B.S.C. (ALBA) is implementing a new smelter line (Smelter 6) in its facilities in Bahrain. This will make ALBA the largest single-site producer of cast aluminum in the world. It is expected that with the commencement of production at the beginning of 2019, the output will increase by 540,000 t/year, reaching a total annual production of 1.5 million tons.

    The PS5 combined cycle power plant is composed of 3 GE-9HA gas turbines, leading-edge technology with outstanding efficiency (54% to 60%) and at present the largest heavy-duty gas turbine in the world, 3 steam turbines, and 3 heat recovery boilers for steam generation (HRSGs).

    GAMA, which together with GE makes up the EPC contractor consortium of the PS5 project, contracted IDOM to provide professional engineering services such as the basic and detailed engineering, on-site technical assistance, as well as procurement management and follow-up of suppliers. In particular, the design work of IDOM for the prefabricated modular racks for the process pipe racks is noteworthy. This is a technical milestone in the power plants, which has been designed and executed for this PS5 project, and which represents an important competitive advantage for the assembly of the racks with piping and trays on site. All of which result in savings in the time and cost involved.

    Construction follow-up – 2018/10 – Courtesy of  Gama


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