• IDOM

    Storage terminal for chemical products

    CLIENT: Acideka


    COUNTRY: Spain

    For ACIDEKA, IDOM has developed the Complete Engineering of a marine liquid storage and solid chemical storage terminal on the coast of Bizkaia (Spain).

    In the terminal, not only will chemicals (acids, bases and solvents) be received and despatched, but also slight modifications will be introduced to the manipulation of materials (solutions, mixtures, etc.) to increase their value.

    The products stored include both Liquids (85% Phosphoric Acid, 98% Sulfuric Acid, Ferric Chloride, Ferrous Chloride, 50% Sodium Hydroxide, 10% Polychlorosulfate, Al Polychloride, Trichlorethylene, Perchlorethylene, Oxygenated Water, Acetone, Diacetone-alcohol, etc.) and Solids (Sodium Carbonate, Ferrous Sulphate> 90%, Ferric Sulfate, Alumina Hydrate, etc.).

    The IDOM project includes the following facilities:

    • Loading/unloading area.
    • Storage tanks (25×800 m³).
    • Loading/unloading area for trucks.
    • Storage building for solid materials (1,392 m²).
    • Management building.

    IDOM has provided Acideka with EPC services, including design, procurement, construction and start-up.


    África Cortes

    Manufacturing Director

    África Cortes

    (34) 96 353 02 80


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