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    Urban development for Mexico City airport

    CLIENT: Grupo Aeroportuario de la Ciudad de México S.A (GACM)

    SERVICES: Master plan draftings

    YEAR: 2015

    COUNTRY: Mexico

    Mexico City has decided to build a new airport where the old Texcoco lake once was, liberating at the same time the land currently occupied by the International Airport. The reasons behind this decision include the increase in air traffic over the past years –due to the rapid growth of Mexico’s economy– and the need to improve airport services. The job commissioned by the Mexican authorities is to consider the future of the freed 780 hectares and guide the 10,000 hectares needed for the development of the new airport. On the land occupied by the current airport, the creation of an
    Economic and Urban Pole has been suggested, which would
    have high quality and eco-sustainability standards. The suggested
    operation would create 52,000 homes and 182 green
    hectares, adequate for 172,000 people to live in. The impact of
    this operation will generate an estimated 60,000 jobs.
    As a whole, it is a unique project worldwide, complex, with a
    serious number of administrations involved. It will define the
    future of the Mexican Valley over the next 50 years and positions
    this megalopolis at the head of Global Cities.

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