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    Functional Rehabilitation centre, Colombia

    CLIENT: National Defence Ministry of Colombia

    SERVICES: Feasibility studies, Architectural and engineering projects. Construction stage technical coordination

    YEAR: 2012-2013

    COUNTRY: Colombia

    The building is a Functional Recuperation Centre (CRF) belonging to the Colombian army. Its purpose is for post-hospitalization stays prior to going back into service or life as a civilian. Patients are wounded soldiers or amputees.
    The main entrance to both buildings is defined by a forecourt which helps organize the flow of traffic and pedestrians.

    The CRF is planned as a compact building surrounded by gardens where users can participate in a variety of leisure activities. All floors are organized in the same way. A central corridor between the vertical communication cores on the East and West ends grants access to all areas distributed on either side. The building includes Administrative Areas, General Services (a tailor’s shop, a barber’s, a laundrette, a dining room and maintenance), social and leisure areas (games room, a soldier’s shop, a cafeteria, a music band and a gym), the technical functional Unit which covers Admissions, infirmary and 30 hospitalization beds, 93 beds for orthopaedics and 160 for amputees and 10 surgeries, as well as hydrotherapy room (with a pool), reanimation, lasotherapy, mechanotherapy, electrotherapy, rehabilitation, occupational therapy (rehabilitation, daily activity training, neurological and mental health areas). Plus, the premises have 70 parking spots and a sports court.

    Architecture - ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN