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Control tower at the airport of Fuerteventura


The control tower is part of the different interventions planned for the extension of Fuerteventura airport.

The air-traffic control room is at a height of 33 m, and the rest of the building contains technical areas, offices and restrooms

The air-traffic control room is located 33 m high, and the rest of the building follows a programme that includes technical areas, offices and restrooms. The geometry of the building is portrayed through the white concrete walls and the copper sloping roofs, elements which outline the trace, limit the spaces and in an uninterrupted gesture, hoist the tower without it becoming detached from the set. The building is organized wound around a patio. While the outwards opaque wall is perforated at some points turning the concrete into a great lattice, the inside opens up through great glazed areas. The patio is covered by a great wooden pergola, which changes its density in certain areas. The courtyard also serves to separate the technical and building services rooms from the administrative and office uses. The space that holds the latter uses rises slightly over the former ones and overlooks the sea, with a greater sense of lightness and easiness. The first one however, doesn’t hide its technical character, heavier and more opaque.The roof, made of copper just like the terminal, rises at each stretch climbing towards the tower. A staircase runs along the entire perimeter of the shaft. For safety reasons, it had to be exterior. That is why the concrete is perforated on every side and the shaft is lightened and texturized.

Airport Infrastructure : Architecture : Design : Special Airport Systems

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Fuerteventura Airport


Architecture and Engineering Design. Technical Assistance

Ana Díaz ( adg@idom.com )

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