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Establishment of an appropriate Programme Management Infrastructure inside the SAUEZM


IDOM, as a member of the Consortium led by Chernobyl Research and Development Institute (ChRDI) and integrated by NT-Engineering LLC, has been contracted for supporting the State Agency of Ukraine on Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Management (SAUEZM) and its subordinated organizations to establish an integrated Programme Management Infrastructure for the effective and transparent management of programmes and projects related to the implementation of the Ukraine national radioactive waste management strategy.

IDOM contribution to the project consist of:

  • Support during the inception phase on the elaboration of the overall Project Implementation Plan.
  • Conduction of the GAP analysis required which consist of the review of the current Programme and Project Management methodologies in use, as well as the overall managerial style and philosophies within SAUEZM, and comparing it with the implementation of the best international practices on such field from 3 EU relevant organizations selected.
  • Provide a set of recommendations and cost-benefit analysis in order to improve SAUEZM infrastructure based on the findings of the analysis.
  • Elaboration the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the purpose of procurement of the future INSC Project U4.01/19A “The Integration of Safety Culture and Operational Efficiency within RAW Management Sector of Ukraine” while providing hands-on training to SAUEZM staff to enhance the autonomy and independence of the organization.

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