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FEED Gas field in Tendrara – 2 MMSCMD


The ENAGAS/ELECNOR consortium has contracted IDOM to carry out the FEED for the treatment facilities of the Tendrara natural gas exploitation field in Northeast Morocco, for which Sound Energy Morocco East Limited (SEM) holds the operating license. This work is the result of the knowledge and experience of ENAGAS regarding the services provided by IDOM, thanks to the collaboration in the development of several of their projects.

This is a natural gas field with a production capacity of 2 MMSCMD, divided into 4 main areas:

  • Installations associated with wells.
  • Gas treatment plant.
  • Pipes between the wells and the gas treatment plant.
  • Export gas pipeline, for connection with the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline (GME).

IDOM has carried out FEED Engineering for the installations associated with the wells, the gas treatment plant, and the pipes between wells and plant.

The achievement of the temporary milestones, together with the willingness of IDOM to provide support at all times to the needs of the Client, has been a key factor of their final satisfaction.

The project is currently in the evaluation phase of the EPC offers requested by the ENAGAS/ELECNOR consortium.

Gas - LNG : Upstream / Midstream

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