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Oat processing plant


Harivenasa is a manufacturer and marketer of products derived from oats (flakes, bran, flour, …) and other cereals. The company belongs to the Caja Rural de Navarra group and is a member of the Navarra agri-food cluster (Nagrifood). It is carrying out an important project for the construction of its new plant in Arakil, Navarra.

The facilities being developed are designed to accommodate 3 processing lines for cereals intended for human consumption, with all associated production units (reception and storage of raw materials, section for cleaning, husking, cutting, rolling, storage of the final product, bagging, packing and dispatch). The start-up of the first oat processing line is scheduled for summer 2021 and will have a production capacity of 200 t/day. Once the ramp-up of this line is finished, the existing oat line at the group’s facilities in Noain will be transferred. When transfer is completed the new plant will reach a total capacity of 300 t/day. The third line will be installed in the medium term and will be dedicated to the processing of cereals other than oats.

The services provided by IDOM include basic and detailed engineering, in close collaboration with the plant technologist (Bühler), procurement management, permitting (especially environmental authorization), as well as construction management.

BIM methodology is being used to develop the project, allowing the seamless coordination of the different agents involved (technologists, equipment suppliers, designers and contractors), the coordination of interfaces between the different disciplines and work units, as well as an exhaustive control of the measurements/measurements of each batch, and of the control of the project during the execution phase.


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Basic Engineering
Basic Engineering
Construction Management
Detailed Engineering
Procurement Management

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