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EPCM – Polyamide and spinning production plants for NUREL


NUREL, part of the Samca Group, is a manufacturer of nylon 6 and multi-filament 6.6 as well as polyamide 6.

IDOM has provided Nurel with EPCM services for the expansion of its Polyamide PA6 plant as well as for the construction of a POY and FDY spinning plant for polyamide 6, 6.6, and bi-component products. Both facilities are located in the Malpica Industrial Estate in Zaragoza, Spain. IDOM has also prepared the necessary documentation to request the modification of the Integrated Environmental Authorization (IEA), including a simple Environmental Impact Assessment.

The polyamide plant project has been developed using EMS Inventa technology, for a production of 40 t/day. The project included the facilities of Polyamide Production, Continuous Polymerization, Continuous Extraction, Drying, Water Evaporation, and Products used: caprolactam, acetic acid, benzoic acid.

The POY and FDY spinning plant for polyamide 6, 6.6, and bi-component products project included the pilot project facilities: Distribution and control of motors centre, Room for cleaning and preparation of spools and rows, and quality control room.


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