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Repsol Refinery


IDOM has been providing professional services such as Consulting Engineering and/or Project Management for Repsol Refineries, continuously for decades, under framework agreements or upon request.

Examples of ongoing projects are:

  • Efficiency improvement studies.
  • FEED + FEL for the co-processing of vegetable oil with straight run kerosene in a middle distillates hydrotreating unit.
  • Basic engineering for the Sulfur Solidification unit.
  • Detailed engineering for Revamps Projects, due to maintenance needs, process improvements and efficiency improvements.
  • Engineering of thermal improvements and new equipment in the heat exchange train of the Interchangers unit on U-613 at the Tarragona refinery.
  • Basic engineering and FEL 3 thermal improvements by taking advantage of high temperature feeds to U 612/641/660 units at the Puertollano refinery.
  • Energy improvement and heat exchange engineering in Crude Unit 1 at the A Coruña refinery.

Oil Refining

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Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering

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