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Socio-economic impact assessment in the Ignalina Deep Geological Repository (DGR) site evaluation


Within the deep geological repository program of Lithuania, the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant request to assess the suitability of the different regions and locations for the construction of the repository, from the point of view of economic and social affections.

In the same way, another evaluation has been done in parallel, for the geological assessment of the territory. These analysis jointly with the technical design, among others, will conduct to the final selection of the repository location and the licensing request process could begin.

IDOM has provided a multidisciplinary solution in cooperation with Nuclear, Consultancy and Environmental division of IDOM. More than 100 locations have been analyzed to determine the suitability and adequacy for construction of the deep geological repository.

In parallel, the geological characteristics have been considered to discriminate in a more agile and effective way these regions and/or municipalities.

IDOM’s multidisciplinary approach enables a more efficient and flexible solution for INPP, allowing all aspects of the repository to be analyzed.

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