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Technical Advisory Services To Develop Nuclear Engineering Skills for a NPP Operator


EUAS ICC plans to develop a Nuclear Power Plant and achieve self-sufficiency with its operation within the next 15 years to develop institutional, human and physical infrastructure that will support the New Build project throughout its whole life cycle.

EUAS ICC as future owner/operator of the NPP, has requested support from IDOM and TÜV SÜD, to become an intelligent customer and develop the necessary skills to manage the activities related to Site & Structures, Nuclear Safety and Licensing, and Plant Engineering.

To satisfy the Client needs, IDOM and TÜV SÜD have ensured the following tasks

  • Development of a generic Normative Skills Matrix, identifying what kind of works are performed in each phase of an NPP new build project, from site evaluation to decommissioning, and the skills required to perform these works.
  • Identification and definition of the relevant macro processes essential for the Project Development organization.
  • Description of scope of works, roles and responsibilities of the different Contractors, and the interactions that will be needed from EUAS ICC.
  • Design of the project schedule where the main activities, milestones, and outputs delivery dates are established, including when EUAS ICC and the other Contractors participation is considered necessary.
  • Development of the templates to ensure data homogenization across all the deliverables with pilot examples of these templates.

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