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IDOM promotes interconnectivity of Port Communities with IDB

IDOM is continuously promoting interconnectivity of Port Communities in different parts of the world, the goal is to achieve more efficiency in the logistic chains based on collaborative works with such relevant stakeholders as Developments Banks, International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA), relevant authorities and actors and others.

Recently, a new study called “Smart and Sustainable Ports: Tools for Implementing Port Community Systems” from the Inter-American Development Bank was published, where IDOM directly participated. This publication contributes to the literature on PCS in two complementary ways:

  • It contains an overview of the legislative, institutional, operational, and technological practices involved in implementing a PCS
  • It provides useful tools for government agencies and the private sector interested in implementing a PCS, as a Readiness Self-Assessment Questionnaire, guidelines for creating an advocacy plan to support a successful execution and transition during implementation and a methodology for assessing the qualitative and quantitative benefits that a PCS would bring to a given port.


This publication was drafted with inputs from L

luís Miró, Martina Peslova, Guillem Manresa, and Javier Erice from IDOM´s Project Team supporting IADBs technicians involved in the Study.

In addition, the IADB has just published an online course called “Port Community Systems (PCS): How Digitalization Connects People and Processes” to keep promoting the change for Interconnected Ports and Logistic Communities to take the most out of the collaborative features that a PCS can bring. This course will introduce you to the concept of a Port Community System (PCS) and also offers new perspectives on PCS and the tools needed to implement them, including useful readiness assessment templates and governance models.

The audience for this course is members of the port community, including directors and technical staff at public sector

agencies, and individuals within the private and academic sectors, who want to gain a better understanding and learn the international best practices of implementing a port community system, or PCS.

Different materials from the mentioned Study are used within this course to support the knowledge transfer.

You can access the Study Smart and Sustainable Ports: Tools for Implementing Port Community Systems, here.

You can access the “Port Community Systems (PCS): How Digitalization Connects People and Processes” here.

septiembre 26, 2023

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