• IDOM

  • 25 MW Cogeneration Plant in Madero Refinery (Pemex, Mexico) with gas turbine


    SERVICES: Basic and Detail Engineering

    YEAR: 2014-2015

    COUNTRY: Mexico

    ACS-COBRA awarded to IDOM the engineering services for the construction of a 25 MW cogeneration plant in the Francisco I Madero oil refinery (PEMEX), located in the state of Tamaulipas (Mexico). The facility is equipped with a heavy-duty type gas turbine as well as a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), with supplementary combustion associated to the gas turbine, which will generate 49 t/h of steam at a pressure of 42 kg/cm² and 385 º C. This steam will be used within the refinery in the production process of the new gasoline and diesel desulfurization plants. The project covers the detail design of the plant, including the integration and interconnections with existing natural gas measuring and control station, MV System, LV system, etc..


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