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Cogeneration in Madero refinery (PEMEX) – 25 MW in Simple Cycle configuration producing 49 t/h of steam


The 25 MW Cogeneration Plant, located in the Francisco I. Madero refinery in the State of Tamaulipas (Mexico), is owned by PEMEX,

The plant is equipped with a Heavy-duty Gas Turbine, and a heat recovery boiler equipped with post-combustion capacity for the generation of 49 t/h of steam at a pressure of 42 kg/cm² and 385 ºC. The steam generated will be used, within the refinery, for the desulfurizers of the gasoline and diesel production process.

The project included not only the Cogeneration Plant, but also an electrical and control Substation.

On behalf of ACS-COBRA (Mexico), IDOM developed the basic and detailed engineering services of the plant and the substation, including the integration and interconnections with the mechanical systems (natural gas network, demineralized water, etc.) and electrical (medium and low voltage systems) of the refinery.

Cogeneration :

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Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering

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