• IDOM

    450 MW Mittelsbüren combined cycle in single shaft configuration


    SERVICES: Basic and Detail Engineering

    YEAR: 2010-2014

    COUNTRY: Germany

    The Industrial Plant Division of Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios, in conjunction with General Electric (GE), has developed a project for the supply and construction (EPC) of a 109FB single shaft combined cycle power plant in Mittelsbüren. The power plant generates 450 MW and comprises of one 9FB gas turbine, one GE 450H Generator, one 109A-17 steam turbine, HRSG, plus balance of plant equipment necessary for plant operation. The cooling of the plant is made through a cooling tower receiving river makeup water. IDOM has completed the detail engineering of the plant and has supported ACS-COBRA in permitting, procurement, erection and commissioning activities.


    Electric Power

    Electric Power