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Mittelsbüren Combined Cycle Power Plant – 450 MW


The Industrial Plant Division of Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios, in conjunction with General Electric (GE), has developed a project for the supply and construction (EPC) of a 109FB single shaft combined cycle power plant in Mittelsbüren, Bremen (Germany).

The power plant generates 450 MW and comprises of one 9FB gas turbine, one GE 450H Generator, one 109A-17 steam turbine, HRSG, plus balance of plant equipment necessary for plant operation. The cooling of the plant is made through a cooling tower receiving river water.

The design includes the possibility of integrating wind energy. In the absence of wind, the gas plant must reach the full load regime in the shortest possible time and with the minimum CO2 emission.

IDOM has completed the detailed engineering of the plant and has supported ACS-COBRA in permitting, procurement, assembly supervision and commissioning activities.


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Milestone in the design of combined cycles, as it can work in an integrated way with renewable energy sources


Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering

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