• IDOM

    674 MW Salem Harbor Combined Cycle (USA) whith 2x1x1) configuration

    OWNER: Footprint Power

    EPC CONTRACTOR: IEP - Iberdrola Energy Projects

    CLIENT: IEP - Iberdrola Energy Projects

    SERVICES: Detailed Engineering, Documentation signing by PEs, Works Technical Assistance during the works, and Permitting Assistance

    YEAR: 2016-On going


    The new Salem Harbor 674-megawatt (MW) combined-cycle, constructed by IEP (Iberdrola Engineering and Procurement) for Footprint Power, is located close to the city of Boston, Massachusetts. This plant replaces the old coal- and oil-fired facilities and will supply power to over 280,000 consumers.

    The plant comprises two units 1×1 (gas turbine with generator, heat recovery steam generator, and steam turbine with generator). These units have “Rapid Response” capability, due to their two US manufactured General Electric 7F 5-series gas turbines.

    In addition to our normal multidisciplinary Detailed Engineering services, members of the team have also provided Professional Engineers (PEs) services to meet the specific regulatory requirements of the state of Massachusetts: the signing of certain documents and drawings. Technical Assistance during the works and Permitting Assistance are also included in the scope of work of IDOM.


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