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    Data Processing Centre

    CLIENT: Sumasa - Serv. Urb. Mant. y A.

    SERVICES: Construction management, Architecture and engineering projects, Site supervision

    YEAR: 2011

    COUNTRY: Spain

    The programme for the no. 1 DPC in Cerdanyola includes over 6,000 m2 of processors distributed over 18 IT rooms, as well as exploitation and parking areas, contingency offices, coupling facilities, testing rooms, suppliers and workshops.The typology demands maximum technological functionality, prioritizing flexibility, scalability and energy efficiency. The special location of the Technology Park, surrounded by nature, calls for an intervention which is considerate with its impact on the surroundings, minimizing the excavation volume and its footprint. Both formally and functionally, the main difficulty was to fit a 100×43 meters rectangle that would hold six IT rooms (12x29m) per floor into a triangular plot. The office body, the only part of the programme with a little leeway, is elevated in order to create a garden-space on the ground floor that becomes the entrance to the DPC. Laid out perpendicular to the technical rooms, it solves the main avenue issues.


    • 2011 - Shortlisted in IX Sao Paulo International Architecture Biennale

    Architecture - ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN