• IDOM


    CLIENT: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

    SERVICES: Preliminary Design & Final Design

    YEAR: 2014 - 2017

    COUNTRY: Turkey

    The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality appointed our firm to develop the preliminary and detailed design of the entire metro line between Vezneciler and Sultangazi.

    The scope of work, including 15 stations and a depot, involves, among other tasks, the preparation of an alternatives study, a transport and route study, geotechnical investigation, a feasibility study of the line, the architecture, structural, and electromechanical design, and production of the tender documents.

    With more than 14 million inhabitants, Istanbul is the most populous city in Europe. The city which attracted more than 11.2 million tourists in 2014 alone, is the cornerstone of the Turkish economy.

    To meet the needs of mass transit, the Metro system of the city which was inaugurated 1989, has undergone successive expansions and now has various lines in operation. At present, 3 lines are under construction on the Asian side of Istanbul and 4 on the European side.

    One of these lines will cross the Turkish capital, underground, running south to north, from Vezneciler to Sultangazi, towards the third airport. This 17-kilometer line will have a total of 15 stations and will pass under the famous district of Fatih Mosque.



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