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    Historical Archives of the Basque Country

    CLIENT: Basque Government

    SERVICES: Architecture and engineering projects, site supervision

    YEAR: 2013

    COUNTRY: Spain

    The building is located in the centre of Bilbao, on an infill plot 20 m wide and 70 m long. The main glass façade, with great vibration and transparency, enhances the perception of the building and breaks the flatness of the street.The programme is organized into floors according to the degree of access control to the different uses: reception, exhibition room, assembly hall, reading and projections area in the basement and on the ground and first floors. The rest of levels, of a private nature, house the administrative areas, the laboratories, the document treatment facilities and storerooms, building services and car park. On the inside of the building, a double heights and crossing sight lines design was followed which enriches the links between the different uses within the building and allows for the entrance of light through the patios, even to the basement uses, which are over 20 metres underground.

    Architecture - ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN