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IDOM Hackathon 2023 Terms and Conditions

With your voluntary participation, you hereby:


  • Agree to the Hackathon 2023 Terms and Conditions included below; and
  • Allow IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture, S.A.U. to collect your personal data in the form of name, surname, email, and company; to use your imagen, videos of you, or other analogue or digital reproductions or any other media, now or hereafter known; and to record, copy and store the materials listed above, resulting from the raw or edited photographs/videos or other media.

1.1. Welcome to the IDOM Hackathon 2023. In this challenge launched by IDOM you have an opportunity to delve into the best engineering practices and solutions to lead the future of sustainable infrastructures. Thus, during this competition, you will be able to develop tools so that your professional activity can make a difference on the road to a more sustainable world and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

1.2. As part of the hackathon organized by IDOM (the “Hackathon”), we would like to inform you of some basic principles under which this Hackathon will take place. With your voluntary participation, you confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions, and that you are entering into an agreement with IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture, S.A.U., incorporated under the laws of Spain, registered under the number CIF A48283964, based in Zarandoa 23 - 48015 Bilbao (Spain). Under these Hackathon Terms, we may refer to IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture, S.A.U. as "we", "our", or "us" and refer to you as “you”.

1.3. We endeavor to promote ethical behavior and safe exchange environments. With your voluntary participation, you also agree to comply with IDOM’s Compliance System, which is complemented by the Corruption Prevention Code, the Harassment Prevention Code, the Antitrust Guidelines, the Systems, Technological Means and Subcontracting Manual and the Internal Disciplinary Regime of the Compliance System. All these documents are available in (or from) SharePoint for IDOM people. In addition, some of them are also available on the WEB for access by third parties.

1.4. IDOM reserves the right to disregard, in the Hackathon, those participants/teams who are misusing the tools during their participation in the Hackathon, that perform fraudulent or unethical acts, or that harm other participants. In the event that IDOM detects any anomaly or suspects that the normal development of the Hackathon is being interfered with, IDOM reserves the right to take into consideration and even automatically withdraw the prize from all those participants/teams that have benefited directly or indirectly from this type of actions.

1.5. During the Hackathon you will have some information and documentation which describe the challenge’s objective and requirements (henceforth, Challenge’s Content).

1.6. You understand and agree that we are making available the Challenge’s Content to you subject to your compliance with these Hackathon terms, and that we are granting you a right of access to it solely for the purpose of carrying out your submission.

1.7. You agree to develop, submit, and present to a jury a proposal which complies with the requirements described in the Challenge’s Content.

1.8. The Jury's decision will be taken by majority vote and will be final. Participation in the Hackathon implies acceptance of the rules and waiver of any claim arising from its interpretation.

1.9. The winning team will receive the prizes detailed in the Hackathon publication. And the winning team will be informed about the method of collecting their prize during the celebration of the final gala of the Hackathon.

2.1. For the Hackathon registration process, we will collect your personal data through the Microsoft Forms. IDOM, as a data controller, will ensure the safeguard of your personal data collected and processed for the purpose listed above.

2.2. Furthermore, you consent to allow us to collect and use your personal data, your image, a video of you, or other analogue or digital reproductions or any other media, now or hereafter known; and to record, copy and store the materials listed above, resulting from the raw or edited photographs/videos or other media.

2.3. The images, videos and material collected with your consent will be stored for the time necessary for the purposes described herein and will be used in various media, such as newspapers, websites and social networks, with the limitation of the purpose described above. You can withdraw you consent at any time through an email sent to info@idom.com. The images, videos and media collected on the basis of your consent will be used for the purposes of promoting and communicating in relation with IDOM Hackathon 2023.

3.1. The Challenge’s Content is proprietary to IDOM, and you acknowledge that nothing in these Hackathon Terms grants you any intellectual property rights of any kind regarding or in relation with the Content. You understand that this restriction implies that you must not publish, duplicate, release, reproduce, transfer, disclose, deliver, modify, make derivative works of or reverse engineer the Content, in whole or in part, in it original form, rearranged, reverse engineered or processed in any form or manner whatsoever.

3.2. We always appreciate your feedback or other suggestions about the Challenge’s Content, but you understand that we may use your feedback without any obligation to compensate you for it.

3.3. IDOM resources, such as software, presentations, project cases, etc., may be used in the preparation of your submission. Moreover, you may use third party resources as long as they are free of copyright and / or have the express permission of the author.

3.4. By accepting these terms, you declare that the ideas and prototypes which may develop during the Hackathon are unpublished and exclusively the product of your intellect, so that they will be carried out without violating or usurping third party copyrights, without any conflict with respect to intellectual and/or industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.) on the submission.

3.5. You agree to hold IDOM harmless for any intellectual property claim on the submission, which may arise from a third party, assuming full responsibility for any costs that may arise in favor of these third parties, including legal costs of representation.

3.6. You agree to assign to IDOM all the intellectual property rights regarding your submission at no charge. You agree to grant IDOM a worldwide, perpetual, sublicensable, irrevocable, free of charge license to use, reproduce, publish, create derivative content based on your proposal for the duration of the intellectual property rights over it. This section shall survive termination or expiration of these Hackathon terms.

4.1. You understand that the Challenge’s Content is a theorical work and is provided as is. In consideration for your free access to the challenge of the Hackathon, you agree that to the extent permitted by law the Challenge’s Content is made accessible to you without any warranties, guarantees, conditions, representations, and undertakings of any kind. We do not warrant that the Challenge’s Content or any other items provided hereunder will meet your requirements or that your access or use of the same will be uninterrupted, error free, non-infringing or completely secure. You agree that you are solely responsible for your use of the Content or any other materials provided, received or otherwise delivered during the Hackathon, including for quality and performance and for accuracy or quality of any information transmitted.

4.2. You agree that, as you are only evaluating the Challenge’s Content and you are doing so free of charge, it is reasonable that we shall have no liability of any kind (including any direct, indirect, special, consequential and/or punitive losses or damages) in any circumstances whatever including without limitation negligence to you in respect of the Content, whether arising from contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, contribution, or otherwise. Applicable law may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability or incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. In such cases, our liability will be limited to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

4.3. To the extent permitted by law, you will indemnify IDOM, and our affiliates, directors, employees, and users, against all liabilities, costs, expenses, obligations, losses, damages, fines, penalties or judgements that arise from (i) your misuse of the Challenge’s Content; (ii) your failure to comply with any of these Hackathon Terms; (iii) your breach of any applicable law, regulation, decree or other legislation; (iv) any claim or action against IDOM or our affiliates or subsidiaries in connection with your use of the Challenge’s Content.

5.1. If any provision or part of any provision of these Hackathon Terms is held by any court or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable in whole or part, such void provision shall be deemed to be replaced by an enforceable provision with the closest effect possible to the original provision and these Hackathon Terms shall continue to be valid with respect to the remainder of the affected provisions.

5.2. No third party has any rights under these Hackathon Terms.

5.3. These Hackathon Terms, and the performance of these Hackathon Terms, and any non-contractual obligations arising from or connected with these Hackathon Terms, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish law without giving effect to the principles thereof relating to conflicts of laws. Any dispute arising under or relating to any provision of these Hackathon Terms shall be referred to, and finally settled by the courts of Madrid, Spain.

5.4. You understand that the disclosure of any aspect of the Challenge’s Content or the Hackathon itself could cause irreparable injury which would be inadequately compensable in damages. Accordingly, we may seek to obtain injunctive relief in any jurisdiction where such disclosure may occur or where such injury may arise to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of the Content or any of our confidential information in addition to any other legal remedies which may be available to us, and you hereby consent to the obtaining of such injunctive relief in the event of unauthorized use or disclosure of the confidential information.

5.5. Contact and notices. Should you wish to contact us in relation with the Challenge’s Content or the Hackathon Terms, you must contact us by email to info@idom.com.