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Cultural and care facilities in town of Mallorquín

Grupo Argos’ Ciudad Mallorquín development in Puerto Colombia integrates housing for different socio-economic levels with public spaces and services to meet the needs of the new residents. In response to urban planning obligations and community demand, IDOM was commissioned to conduct an urban analysis and propose a program and distribution of uses for a facility focused on serving the local population, including the residents of Ciudad Mallorquín and other users in the area, such as universities and schools.

Grupo Argos, faced with the need to respond to the urban planning obligations of the Ciudad Mallorquín real estate development, hired IDOM to carry out a consultancy focused on the development of a Care Block, a space that concentrates infrastructure and services focused on providing care services to the residents of the sector, with an emphasis on women and their families.

Initially, IDOM carried out an urban analysis covering aspects such as mobility and transport, the environment, analysis of uses and densities, socio-economic characteristics of the population, among others. On the basis of these results, a program of needs was proposed, which included spaces for care, culture and events, distributed in two separate buildings: one for culture and events, which includes galleries, an auditorium, a film library and music rooms, and another for care services, which includes yoga rooms, community rooms, rooms for psychological therapies, among others.

A phased development was proposed, starting with the construction of the Cultural and Events Building, followed by the Care Building, in order to seek resources and ensure the financial viability of the second building. Possible stakeholders for the development and maintenance of the building and the adjacent public space were analyzed. Finally, sustainable materials and systems were proposed, taking into account the local climate and the specific needs of the facility and the sector.

The Manzana del Cuidado de Ciudad Mallorquín project was presented to the relevant stakeholders and authorities in order to manage the resources needed to carry out this important project.

May 14, 2024

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