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Projects that transform the Basque Country

Through the technical office services, it provides to EJIE, the body responsible for the implementation and provision of ICT services required by Basque public institutions and essential to meeting the needs of the public, IDOM is playing an important role in the digital transformation of the Basque public sector.

The recipients of the services and projects developed by EJIE are more than 35 entities, including complex and critical networks such as the health network (>400 hospitals and health centres), the administrative network of the Basque Government (>100 offices), the education network (>700 schools), the security network (>25 police stations) or the judicial network (>15 courthouses).

In 2023, within the framework of a contract financed by European funds (see details of the project below), IDOM provided technical office services to EJIE with a multidisciplinary team. The team participated in initiatives and projects in the field of communication and security.