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ITS & Smart Mobility Forum in the UAE

If there is one place in the world where climatic conditions impact greatly on the transit of persons, it is the Middle East. Therefore, an event such as congresses on Intelligent Transport Systems, attract great interest.

In late March, many consulting firms and technology providers from around the world took part in the forum organized in Abu Dhabi to share their experience and present the latest trends in areas such as safety in mobility, cooperative mobility, smart mobility and smart cities.

IDOM participated in the forum with a presentation on the transformation of mobility in Bilbao. The presentation was entitled “ITS, the program to transform cities mobility, Bilbao Case”.

The sessions took place in the Hotel Anantara, where IDOM manned one of the information points, a platform to share our experience in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems. The event, itself, was an exhibition space for over a hundred exhibitors, mostly representatives of the transport authorities of the UAE.

Our participation in the forum has positioned us well in the ITS sector, especially important for the upcoming projects of the different authorities to be developed in the Emirate in the coming years.

September 19, 2016

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